Yoko Yamaguchi

Ph.D., Professor
Laboratory Head

E-mail: yokoy

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Office address

Lab. for Dynamics of Emergent Intelligence,

RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI),
2-1, Hirosawa,Wako-shi, Saitama,

351-0198, Japan

FAX +81-48-467-6938
TEL +81-48-462-1111
ext 7424

DEI Lab.

Professional Biography

Her study on synchronization of oscillations started in 1978 at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo under supervisor Hiroshi Shimizu and got Ph.D. in 1986. She stayed at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University in 1981 as ATOM fellowship, hosted by Yoshiki Kuramoto. In 1982 as research instructor at University of Tokyo, she joined Mizuno-BIOHOLONICS Project, ERATO, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). As an approach of hermeneutics of the brain, visual pattern recognition was hypothesized to be selforganization through synchronization of oscillations. A visual recognition model with synchronizationi was reported in 1985 in Synergetics meeting organized by Herman Haken, prior to the discovery of oscillations in the visual cortex. She moved to Department of Information Sciences, Tokyo Denki University and had fellowship stay at University of Arizona, hosted by Bruce McNaughton, in Feb -Sep,1998, when the first report of theta phase precession model based on phase-locking of nonlinear oscillations was submitted to ICONIP 1998. In 1999-2005, she was principal investigator of CREST, JST, "Design Theory of Emergent Intelligence Based on the Information Dynamics in the Hippocampus". From 2000, she is laboratory head, Lab for Dynamics of Emergent Intelligence, RIKEN Brain Science Insitute.



Current lab activitis at RIKEN BSI

  • Computational Theory of hippocamus memory
  • Neural dynamics for cognition and behavior
  • Human brain imaging studies in space-time domain (EEG, fMRI, simultanesou EEG-fMRI, TMS experiments) with cognitive tasks (perception, memory, problem solving)
  • Design theory of brain-style intelligence using computer simulation and mobile robot experiments
Lab. for Dynamics of Emergent Intelligence DEI Lab.