Yamaguchi’s: Oscillation network model of pattern recognition (1982- )

Mizuno-BIONOLONICS project was carried out under supervision of Hiroshi Shimizu, University of Tokyo as the first project of ERATO JST in 1982-1987. This project was devoted to inovative research of information system based on a biological principle of selforganization.

A visual pattern recognition model, Holovision, was reported in 1985, based on the hypothesis, “pre-understanding and sensory signals are unified through synchronization to give presentation in the brain”.

This model was later developed to provide the ability of figure-ground separation and metastability of ambiguous pattern recogniion (1995, 1996).

The same principle of synchronization between perception and memory was extended to vowel recognition in the auditory system (1994).

The last paragraph is given to show that wave propagation is necessary to process temporal sequence in real time, which was inspired by collaboration with Tanituchi lab at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and students at Tokyo Denki University (1993-2000). This principle continued to later hippocampus study.

Selected papers:

Visual pattern recognition

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Additional references

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Vowel recogition through synchronization

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Auditory recognition as synchronization of wave propagations

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