Yamaguchi’s: Theory on synchronization of oscillations (1981-1988)

Synchronization studies started in Yamaguchi’s undergraduate term, at University of Tokyo under supervision of Kaoru Kometani and Hiroshi Shimizu.

This topic was initialized at Shimizu lab at Kyusyu University owing to Art Winfree’s early work on circadian rhythms (J Theor Biol. 1967)and inherited to University of Tokyo as Shimizu moved in 1977. In the period of BIONOLONICS project, 1980s, T. Omata and M. Ohsuga joined us in this study.

The question was very basic : What is order in coupled oscillator systems.

Through these studies, Yamaguchi learned that synchronization of oscillation creates “relation” among elements. Why not in the brain?

Selected papers:

1) Y. Yamaguchi, K. Kometani, and H. Shimizu :  Self-Synchronization of Nonlinear Oscillations in the Presence of Fluctuations.  J. Stat. Phys. 26, 719-743, 1981.

2)H. Shimizu and Y. Yamaguchi: The Universal Evolution Criterion in the Self-Synchronization of Nonlinear Oscillators. prog. Theor. Phys. 67, 345-348, 1982.

3) Y. Yamaguchi and H. Shimizu: Theory of Self-Synchronization in the Presence of Native Frequency Distribution and External Noises. Physica 11D, 212-226, 1984.

4) M. Ohsuga, Y. Yamaguchi and H. Shimizu: Entrainment of Two  Coupled van der Pol Oscillators by an External Oscillation — As  a Base of “Holonic Control”. Biol. Cyberne. 51, 325-333, 1985.

5) S. Omata, Y. Yamaguchi and H. Shimizu: Entrainment among Coupled limit cycle oscillators with frustration. Physica D 397-408, 1988.


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